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We are Jeanine and Mike Martin. We've been serving our clients, friends and family across the U.S. with the best investment products, term life insurance, ancillary financial products, and career pathways for over 30 years.


Our team offers years of experience in helping families just like yours achieve financial success through investments, retirement planning, financial education, and life insurance. With our detailed software and the help of our strategic partners we help you build a solid financial foundation and build upon it with your financial goals. Whether you are starting to plan for your family’s future, paying off debt, protecting your income, preparing for retirement or entering retirement, we can guide you in all areas. It all starts with a quick phone call.


Becoming financially educated is key to Protecting and Securing your Lifestyle.

Learn the principles of a sound “Financial House” with this quick video on All Things Financial. What you don’t know…does add up!


If your main goal is to begin saving and investing, for as little as $50 per month, you can begin saving and investing with automatic monthly drafts. Whether it’s for a college fund for your children, savings, or planning for retirement, we have solutions that will suit your needs. Contact us to start building wealth!
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Are you looking for more freedom and flexibility in your life and career? Or are you looking to earn some extra income part‐time?

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About Us.

We are:

    • Passionate about Freedom
    • Purposed to Serve
    • Principled to Do Right

And We:

    • Live to Love!

Jeanine & Mike Martin are a Senior Vice President Business Partners and Broker/Owners with Primerica Financial Services. We have a passion to speak and teach on topics such as financial education, entrepreneurship, and the role that money plays in our lives. We share with our audiences and listeners the wisdom needed to become successful in YOUR life’s journey. Jeanine and Mike have been in business together for over 21 years and have over 58 years of financial services experience combined.

We believe in empowering people through our Heart & Spirit to create exponential success and have mentored 9 agents to become independent brokers who have run their own successful independent agencies. We love to volunteer and teach financial literacy in any setting that people are eager to learn and want to improve their current situation. A few places where we have taught consistently over the years are places such as state-run departments, school systems, large corporations, small local and private businesses, and Churches. We have taught such concepts as Faith & Finance as a ministry, teaching young kids in the elementary school system about money utilizing The Secret Millionaires Club by Warren Buffet, and coaching young adults and youth on investing and entrepreneurship.

Our 10 year focus is to open 100 offices across the United States that are run, operated and owned by men and women who are empowering others to live free from the bondage of debt and the constraints of an employer’s designated income.

Our personal focus in business is to live the remainder of our lives helping families achieve financial independence, to live life on their own terms through partnering with these families in their personal business system. We will continue to help people get the financial education they deserve and help them implement personal financial gameplans!

We are

Jeanine and Mike Martin

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